Everything has a home

I like having everything in order. Sometimes it is easier said than done but I try my hardest to have everything organized. I don’t know how many are familiar with The Container Store but I love going there, this place its better than any candy store, I can say the container store for me is what Disney Land/World is to any kid, maybe not but you get the point. I try to stay away because every time I go in I always come out with something.

Here are some great ideas to keep everything in its place:

Door knobs on plywood for necklaces

I love the idea of using doorknobs to hang necklaces, they are pretty and functional

Chalkboard paint labels

Label. I love clear glass containers, I have a collection of mason jars and I use them for everything.

bookcase styling | Amanda Teal design

what a great way to showcase your books and small trinkets you might have stored away

this is heavenly #organization

This makes my heart so happy, some day when I’ll have enough space to do this!

For more organization ideas, visit my Organization Board on Pinterest!

Happy Tuesday!!!


any thoughts? :)

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