Pieces of Me (part III): A Boy Scouts Story

I have 3 half brothers and 1 full brother, no sisters. So you can imagine my life growing up. I wish I could say it was fabulous ALL of the time, it was not. Being the only girl meant I was overprotected and spoiled, I would have taken more spoiling and less “protection” any day but it was a packaged deal, I couldn’t have one without the other.

While we lived in El Salvador my mother always made sure we went to good schools and we were kept busy and off the streets, she enrolled us in after school programs, tutoring and the boy scouts in the summers. Yes you read that right I was enrolled in the boy scout along with my brother, I was too young to remember any crazy stories, all I remember was that I was the only girl in the BOY Scouts. Which explains why growing up I got along better with boys and could hardly stand girls. To this day I bug my mom about it and I asked her why she didn’t enroll me a girls scouts and she told me that at that time the girls scouts didn’t exist and she wanted my brother and I to be together so he could protect me.

My brother and I in the boys scouts.

Aside from pictures, I don’t have many memories of this time. My mother has the picture above in a 11 x 13 hanging in hallway in her house, along with other pictures of us when we were younger. I guess it wasn’t that bad, I look pretty happy in the picture. I learned many valuable lessons, like I can be a girl and hang with the boys, perhaps that is why growing up I intimidated boys/men, I still intimidate them, thanks to the boy scouts I am not afraid to speak my mind and be bold. I guess instead of bugging my mother about not placing me in the girls scouts I should be thanking her for enrolling me in the boys scouts.



any thoughts? :)

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