Foreigner in a Runner’s World

Let’s start by saying I AM NOT A RUNNER, I am trying.

The hubster and I have been trying to become “runners” for the longest time but something has always come up and we postponed it. But last night  we decided we were going to start running, for real this time.  We got home around 8:30 pm, changed, left some tomato sauce and ground turkey to thaw and went for a run. We ran 2.5 miles not exactly 3 miles (as our training schedule requires, see below) but our neighborhood is pretty dark so we played it safe by staying in lit up areas.

Running is not my thing, I’ll like to make it my thing and that is why I am going to continue doing it but I am a better swimmer than I am a runner. Running doesn’t come natural to me but then again I don’t think it comes natural to anyone, it takes time to train your body but most importantly your mind to not give up so easily. I have to work on my breathing and in pacing myself, any tips?

This is the schedule we are following:

Sunday is cross-training which means I will be swimming :D If any of you run and have some tips, what to eat, how to breathe properly, etc. please share them with me it would help a lot!




  1. Try breathing to a beat!! Breathe in for every 2 steps and out for every 2 steps. Or 3 or 4 steps. It really works! Just make sure you’re consistent. Even when you take deep breaths.

any thoughts? :)

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