You Are What You Say

I have been deep in thought lately and that is why I been MIA from the blogosphere, I posted something twice last week with difficulty, I couldn’t bring myself to write a post. I am avid believer that if you have nothing to say, then you should say nothing at all. And although I had a lot to think about I really didn’t have much to say so I said nothing and I wrote nothing. This morning I came across this picture in my Instagram feed and the words resonated with how I been feeling lately.

“You are what you say. You say it out loud” It is so easy to forget this simple statement. We determine who we are not just by our actions but by our words after all our actions are words before they are anything and words have the power to create or destroy. But words or ideas cannot remain stuck inside of our heads we must bring them to life and the easiest way to do that is to say them out loud!

Life is not as complicated as we make it, sure life is not fair most of the times sometimes but it really isn’t that bad. Remember you are what you say but you must say it out loud, loud enough for the world to hear it and loud enough for you to believe it!



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