Clouds & Buildings

Hello wonderful people! Happy Thursday, congratulations for making it this far just hold on a little longer the weekend is almost here!!! I think “weekend” has to be one of favorite words, I love the way it makes me feel when I think about it :) Any who Chicago has been showcasing some really wonderful clouds lately and I thought I would share a few pictures (of clouds and buildings, hence the title of todays post) with you, enjoy!


On my way to work this morning, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L :D


These are one of my favorite type of clouds, fluffy clouds or cotton ball clouds or what ever you call them :)


Wicker park’s six corner (view from Milwaukee Ave) I absolutely love this neighborhood and if wasn’t because it cost an arm and a leg to live in it I would :/


Now this beauty is called the Northwest tower but is also known as the Coyote Building on the corner of Milwaukee and North Ave


I am not sure what this building is called but it’s on Logan Square’s six corner (again view from Milwaukee ave). If you look all the way in the back you can see a rainbow!!!

There’s another building in the real/historical six corner (in Portage Park) that resembles the Coyote Building in Wicker Park and Logan Square building, unfortunately I don’t have a photograph of it, perhaps I’ll go snap a few during lunch :)

Peace & Love!



any thoughts? :)

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