Because I promised

When I started this blog, I promised I would share useless information with you so here I am keeping my promise, please forgive me. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with GloZell but I enjoy watching her videos on YouTube(if you have no idea who this person is don’t feel bad, if anything you should be extremely proud of yourself and maybe you should stop reading this right about now). It has been a while since I have watched them but yesterday while stalking looking through a friends instagram I came across this picture:

If after seeing that picture you curiosity has come out from hiding, here’s her YouTube channel GloZell1. I know I could have written a post on my love for science or how I am taking some online classes on data analysis/social network analysis but I didn’t because sometimes we all deserve a good laugh and her videos are really dumb but really funny, so if you ever need to laugh or cry but you rather laugh, head on over to her channel. I promise you I am not the only person that watches her videos she has over 647,000 subscribers and 233,678,162 video views.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the link to the first video I ever saw of GloZell: Lady Gaga Judas Lyrics Translated by the one and only Glozell



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