Fall= _________.

Labor Day is not only a day where we celebrate the contributions you and I and everyone who has a paying job have made to the well-being of this amazing country (this is ignoring the current state of our nation). Labor day signals the end of summer and the beginning of Fall, although we technically have 19 more days of summer (Fall begins September 22nd) it is hard to think of hot days any more instead all that I can think about is, hot chocolate, lots of layers, the beautiful colors the leaves turn and football!

I absolutely love summer but this summer was way too hot for my liking, I nearly died (here and here). Instead I am looking forward to:


Knee-high boots

Big Sweatshirts
Beautiful Scarves

And my absolutely favorite, the color of the leaves:

Last but not least FOOTBALL!!!

I am so excited for fall!!

Happy Labor Day :)


any thoughts? :)

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