Blogging World & Free Classes

I am a horrible blogger. I don’t post as often as I should (is there even a rule of how often one should post?). Half the times I don’t know what to write and the other times I don’t feel like writing, so I don’t.  This week, I just haven’t had the time to write anything. Remember last week’s post on useless information, well this post is the opposite, allow me to introduce you to coursera, a wonderful website where you can sign up to take free courses from universities through the world.

I started an online Statistics class, which I love but what I love more is that its FREE, yup F-R-E-E.  I am super excited. I am starting three more courses September 24th which means I will probably won’t have as much as time to blog, but hey the world will survive.

These are my current classes, as you can see 3 start in 16 days :D and these are classes I’ll be taking in the near future


Any who, have a wonderful FRIDAY!!!


any thoughts? :)

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