iPhone madness

The day we I’ve been waiting for finally arrived. The new iPhone was revealed and I am a little disappointed. I think the new features are cool, I just expect more perhaps a little too much (?) but you can’t blame me. It’s Apple’s fault for teaching me to always set my standards high. The phone looks sexy (yes i just described a phone as sexy, get over it) and like a great product, I just expect more. I’m not going to give you all the specs you can go here to see them for yourself.

I am a loyal Apple customer, I will probably never have another phone other than the iPhone. I will probably never buy any other computer other than a Mac and an iPad will forever be my tablet of choice. However, I cannot help but be a little concern about the future of Apple. Today’s “BIG” reveal was not that big at least not in my eyes, perhaps for the super techie and geeks who understand specs and all the little details of the items presented by Apple this morning it was but as a simple consumer, I was not completely blown away.

I am not a technology expert but I hope Apple steps up their game and once again takes the world by storm and shuts the competitors down. I was following Samsung’s tweets all day today and they are being aggressive but extremely annoying. It does not matter how disappointed I am with Apple at the moment I will never buy any Samsung product. I don’t need a phone as big as my iPad to make phone calls and the features it offers do not impress me because the iPhone has the same if not better (I am being extremely bias, so if you do not agree I don’t care, we’ll just agree to disagree).

I just had to post this because at the moment is exactly how I feel. I understand why Apple probably felt like they had to release a new phone, Samsung was kicking their butt, they were hyping up all the features and the ridiculously HUGE screen. But I know that they can do better and I will continue to buy their products because I know they will do better.



any thoughts? :)

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