Don’t Underestimate

The power of flowers.

My mondays are not usually the happiest day of the week but this week it’s a little different and that’s all due to some beautiful flowers I snatched up during lunch. Crespedia or Craspedia fall flowers are the cutest little things ever (those are the little round flowers) and they just became one of my favorite flowers ever because they remind me of polka dots :) I am sure I have seen them before but this is the first time I bought them.

Aren’t they beautiful?

They now sit on my desk and they make me the happiest person in the office. Who knew flowers could do this to a girl? (I am sure you did but up till recently I avoided buying flowers but thats a story for another day). Next time you feel a little gloomy or just not in the mood for anything, go out and get yourself some flowers, I promise you they will lighten up your day!

Happy Monday!


any thoughts? :)

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