I Yelped That: The Wormhole Coffee

Before I get to the Wormhole let me start by saying that if you know me you know that I am obsessed with Starbucks, however I think this obsession is coming to an end (hopefully). You can skip this entire paragraph and simply jump to the second one if you don’t care to know why I am giving up on Starbucks.  Recently Starbucks changed their reward program and I am not too happy with the changes, sure now you get a reward when you reach 12 stars rather than 15 and now you can have a drink, breakfast sandwich or a pastry of your choice when you reach 12 stars but I don’t care because now they are making me pay for SOY milk! I am freaking lactose intolerant and to be completely honest with you I feel discriminated against, why is soy milk not a standard option, why do I have to pay extra for it? I didn’t ask to be born with the inability to digest lactose, is it wrong of me to feel this way? okay maybe to you I am overreacting just a tiny bit but come on!

Okay now that that’s off my chest (I’m sorry for sounding a little hostile and angry) I am looking for a new coffee shop and I think I might have found it, the only bad part is the location, it’s not close enough to work or my house, so I might stop here occasionally. Any who let me introduce you to: The Wormhole Coffee located in wicker park (Chicago)

yup that’s Lorraine, their decor is AMAZING!!! The staff is nice :)

photo credit: Lynda B

photo credit: Lynda B

a square donut :)

They call it: the Harrison Gourd which consist of espresso, sweet potato whipped cream topped with lemon zest


The search for a coffee shop near my job and home continues… If you live in chicago and know of any amazing coffee shops please share, I love checking out new spots :)



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