Dentist I love you then I hate you…

I have never had a problem with the dentist, matter of fact I can actually say I like going to the dentist. My dentist growing up had the softest hands in the world, I could never feel them when they were inside my mouth and nothing he did ever hurt me and I usually walked out of his office with a toothbrush, some candy and a huge smile.

This recently changed because my old dentist, the one with the softest hands in the world, the one I have been going to for more than 10 years, doesn’t accept my current insurance ( I hate you insurance companies!!!). At first I didn’t think it was the end of the world, I was confident I was going to be able to find another dentist as good as him, boy was I wrong.

So I started looking for a new dentist and my husband found one he liked so I decided to give her a try. WORSE MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! I am painfully regretting it to this day. After three months of discomfort I finally I went to an endodontist to check if I was going to need a root canal, all because the last dentist I went to didn’t do her job properly. I had some fillings done back in July and to this day my teeth are extremely sensitive and I have not been able to chew on that side of my mouth since then. I went to a different dentist to hopefully have the issue resolved but he said I should go see a endodontist to make sure the nerve was not damaged.

The worse I have ever had has been a cavity and now I was afraid I was going to need a ROOT CANAL, I nearly died!!! So this morning I armed myself with courage and drove to my 9 O’clock appointment (what a way to start the week!) and told myself that it was not going to be bad. I did my due diligence, I check her reviews on yelp and she had an impressive 4.5 stars, all of her reviews spoke of how great she was so I decided to give her a try. People let me tell you YELP did not let me down. I have always used Yelp for restaurants hardly ever for anything else but after this experience I am yelping everything and everyone!!!


View from the endodontist office this morning, it was a gloomy but beautiful day :)

So long story, short I do not need a root canal. THANK JESUS. I just need to get my fillings replaced because one of them is too thin and the other one has a little hole (causing sensitivity). Good thing, Dr. Julianne (the endodontist) gave me a name to a dentist so I don’t have to look for one.

Advice: when in doubt, yelp it!




any thoughts? :)

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