The Day After….

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe halloween  :)  Yesterday on my way home I saw:

  • a 35+ year old Buzz Lightyear
  • Barney’s best friend, Baby Bop miniature size, cutest little thing
  • “Ghost face” from the movie Scream, I guess that mask will never get old
  • what I call a whore-mom she was dressed up to take her kids trick-or-treating but she forgot half of her clothes at home


  • I witness a nasty girls fight. Here is how it went down: I was driving and I came to a stop at a red light when suddenly I notice a group of about 10 girls all wearing provocative clothes started hitting each other. I guess two of the girls had babies, so they “parked” the strollers on the sidewalk and then they started beating the crap out of each other. It was pretty intense, I obviously called the cops.

But on a much safer and cuter note my instagram feed was filled of babies with cute costumes, here are some my favorite:


I am so doing this with my first-born! Isn’t she the cutest barista ever!!!!



Okay, a gum ball machine now that’s original and the cute little elephant go perfectly together don’t you think?


Now this little guy I absolutely love, I grew up watching this show called “Chapulin Colorado” it was my favorite show growing up so when I saw this little outfit I fell in love! 20121031-221315.jpg

Here’s another picture of the cute little Chapulin20121031-221321.jpg


Parents please take note if you are going to dress your kids up and you want to participate in the fun, this is how you do it!!!

Happy 1st of November!!! :D



any thoughts? :)

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