Spotlight: Project 7

Today I introduce you to: Project 7 they are not exactly new to the block, they were established in 2008.

Here’s is what they are all about:

What They Do:
We make everyday products that give back to seven areas for good around the globe.

Who They Are:
Products for Good.
We exist to do good around the globe. We make everyday products like bottled water, gum, mints and coffee that everyday people can buy. For every purchase of a Project 7 product, good is done in seven areas of need
– Feed the HungryHeal the SickHope for PeaceHouse the HomelessQuench the ThirstyTeach them Well and Save the Earth.

Mission Statement:
To ensure everyone around the globe has access to fundamental human needs for a healthy life.

(information above was copy directly from their website

What they have done so far:

How you can help:

You can buy their products directly from them or you can find them in Target or Walmart.

Peace & Love,


any thoughts? :)

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