Nightmare at the poll

Okay so like most Americans I voted yesterday and let me tell you the experience was HORRIFIC!!! I have had better trips to Walmart and I dislike Walmart very much. I have been a registered voter since I was old enough to vote but when I went to vote yesterday they couldn’t find my name. So I took a deep breath, presented them my voting card and nothing. I did not exist in their list.

I was frustrated to say the least, they explained that I was going to have to fill out a form and I was going to be given a “provisional” ballot which according to their explanation means that they are going to check the records to make sure my information matches but if it doesn’t my vote won’t count. COME AGAIN?

I have not been able to have a good night sleep in over a week, so as you can imagine I am functioning on a short fuse, I’m irritable and cranky and the last thing I wanted to hear was that my name was not on the list and that my vote might not count. I thought why in the hell (excuse the language) would I sit in line to vote?

I made the mature decision and filled out the stupid form, I got a “receipt” and I was given a card to vote electronically. My plan was go in, ask for paper ballot in order skip the long line for the electronic voting and call it a day. That option was taken away when I was told my name did not exist on the list, I had to wait and vote electronically.

Now, I believe we are all smart, capable individuals so can someone explain to me why we haven’t figure out a better system to vote? Cramming people into a small space is not exactly the smartest thing to do and then to only have 2 machines per precinct dumbest idea yet. I am able to pay my bills, check my bank account, check any utility account, donate money to multiple causes, connect to a majority of the world with my phone, why haven’t we found a safe way to vote using our phones?

I have better things to do with my time than go stand in line for almost 30 minutes to be given a ballot and then wait another 45 minutes to be able to cast my vote.

Someone please figure it out, we have another 4 years until the next presidential election.



any thoughts? :)

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