Never too early for Christmas

I know thanksgiving has not passed yet so I shouldn’t be thinking of Christmas until after the turkey has been eaten, blah blah blah. For me it is never too early for christmas decorations, music, shopping. I am super excited about this christmas because it will be my first christmas as a married woman :D!!!!

Since it is our first christmas as a married couple we have decided to do a real tree instead of the fake one our parents always put up, I love the way white lights look and he loves color lights so that was a topic of discussion at my house for a while, he decided to give me the lights and I let him pick the color of the ornaments :) (comprise people, the key to a healthy marriage).

Like any normal woman, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration here is what I found:

now this tree makes me happy

I have tons of burlap I can use to make a skirt. I am really excited to buy lights and ornaments and gifts!!!!

Any tips in picking out a real tree? 



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any thoughts? :)

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