Black Thursday?

Can someone explain this madness? Since when is thanksgiving day also black thursday? What is this world coming to? I have never been one to go crazy on Black Friday but this black thursday nonsense makes me really mad. If retailers open at 10 pm (like some have announced) that means there’s going to be less quality time with the family, which is what thanksgiving (and all other holidays) is all about. People who work in retail are going to have to leave early from family gatherings (I know there are people out there that see this as a blessing rather than an inconvenience) but let’s remember what the holiday season is all about, here’s a clue: IT IS NOT ABOUT THE ¬†MATERIAL THINGS!!!

Let Friday be the only BLACK day!!!

Don’t get me wrong I am a business minded person and I get it business are trying to make money but this is out of control and it makes me really sad. Can Thursday go back to being Thanksgiving and Friday Black Friday?

Remember the things that really matter people.

Stay True,


any thoughts? :)

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