Last night while I was checking my twitter feed #100ThingsThatMakeMeHappy was trending and I thought I would share some of the things that make me happy and I’m also thankful for, I will only list a few not 100 we all have lives to get to :)

My Husband, April 21st 2012 was the happiest day of my life (so far, I’m sure when I become a mom I’ll be as happy if not happier) Today is our 7th month as a married couple and I couldn’t be any happier :D

Family: Where would I be without them, do I like them all? I would be lying if I said I did. Nonetheless I am grateful for all of them :)

Chocolate: Now this wonderful thing call chocolate makes my day any day and well I thank God for creating it

Blogging: I might not be the greatest, most popular or whatever blogger out there but I enjoy it, this is my little space and here I have freedom to do and say as I please

SoulPancake: People are amazing and although sometimes I forget that, this website/app has taught me that there are great people out there

People: Although most of the time sometimes I think people do and say stupid things, there are really amazing, thoughtful, kind people out there and I am learning not to judge people based on their driving skills or lack thereof

Chicago: I am in love with this city (although moving to another city is something we are thinking about) I love everything, the buildings, the different parts of the city, the different cultures all jam-packed into a small area, the noise and the many free activities available during the summer, I love all the seasons in Chicago (although I wouldn’t mind if Winter wasn’t as bipolar), no matter where life takes us, Chicago will always be home.

Be thankful


any thoughts? :)

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