Weekend Recap

Congratulations you survived the weekend!!! Now hopefully you’ll survive Cyber Monday :) I had a pretty long weekend and I loved and enjoyed every single minute of it. Thursday we went to my husband’s grandma’s house and we had a traditional thanksgiving “dinner” although it was lunch and for dinner we went over my parent’s for a not so traditional thanksgiving meal. I’ll let the following pictures sum up my long thanksgiving weekend :)

At the hubster grandma’s house, his plate: mashed potatoes, chicken dressing and a turkey leg (not picture greens). We took some mashed potatoes and dressing home and had it for lunch the next day.


At my parents: Turkey with tomato sauce and olives, congris (Cuban rice), yuca and salad with some bread. This was delicious we took some home with us :)


Now the hubster made his own rub and bbq sauce and everything came out delicious, we bought some sweet potato fries at Target they were good, but I would rather have done them at home, baked rather than fried.


I am very happy with the way these Garlic Cheddar Biscuits came out (I used this recipe). The hubster was in love and I’ll definitely make them again, soon.


and finally I baked some Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies with Chocolate Chips for the hubster, he loves cookies.

I assure you we did more than just eat, I managed to squeeze some work out time as well as some shopping. We did not do the crazy black friday thing, we slept in and we went to the stores around 1 pm rather than 1 am. We also bought our tree!!!! She’s a beauty, I am a bit strange and I like to name everything, so I named my tree Sofia. I love the way she looks and smells, it makes our place smell heavenly :)





I made her a burlap skirt and started wrapping some presents :)

Two of my favorite ornaments this year, Santa20121126-153232.jpg


20121126-153802.jpga picture of our wedding day outside of Wrigley Field :)


any thoughts? :)

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