I Yelped That: Covo in Wicker Park

I am keeping it short and simple today,  a few weeks back I went to a new place in Wicker Park called Covo Gyro Market and like the name implies, they only sell gyros there.

20121204-113956.jpgI love the decor

20121204-114009.jpgHere’s how you order:

  1. You pick the style of gyro you want regular side or mini or if you want a salad
  2. Then pick between, lamb, chicken or pork
  3. Then the toppings (cucumber, tomato, red onion, scallions, feta, etc)
  4. And finally a side a salad, fries, dip or pita and obviously a drink (they serve alcohol)


This is what I had that day

I went with the mini-gyro so I could try the chicken and the lamb (both were incredible!) I asked for all the toppings except olives (we don’t get along) and I went with the Greek Style fries (OMG!!!! CAN SOMEONE SAY PARTY IN MY MOUTH?!) It was so good I went back with my husband so he could experience the goodness (sharing is caring) and if you are ever in the neighborhood I suggest you give them a try.

One Love (now I can’t get that song out of my head),


any thoughts? :)

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