Get On The Holiday Train

I am a sucker for the holidays Christmas! I been listening to Christmas music at the office since before it was “socially acceptable” a co-worker was not too happy with it (what a Grinch, I still love her though because she loves Elf as much as I do!). I decorated my office, I bought a tissue box that looks like a gingerbread house, I have a small christmas tree and I even have gifts to go under the tiny tree. This is the best time of the year!!! It really doesn’t matter what else may be going on in my life (good or bad) I have this overwhelming joy and it’s hard to shake off.

But any who, I went to DePaul and rode the train every day and I NEVER EVER had the chance to ride the Holiday Train (so sad!). I saw it pass me by all the time as I waited for my train to come, I heard the holiday music playing as the doors open and saw the elves come out to let you in and sometimes Santa would be riding it!!!! I don’t care how old I become my inner Buddy will always come out when I see Santa (if you have not watched ELF please unsubscribe now), specially when he looks like this guy (pictured below).

Picture 5Santa is a smart guy, he knows when in a big city the best way to get around is public transportation! How cute is he?!

Picture 9

How did I never get on this train?! Picture 7

Picture 6

Now if you live in Chicago and would like to ride the train and take pictures with SANTA!!! Click on this link for a full holiday train schedule, it even tells you where you can find Santa so you can take a picture with him :) GOSH I love this city!!!! This year I WILL ride the train, it’s happening this Saturday and I will take a picture with Santa! Ahhhhh I am so excited it’s nuts!!!!

Here’s an awesome video

Remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for ALL to hear :D




  1. First of all, I do love Elf so hopefully you won’t make me unsubscribe, second that train looks awesome and I wish I could ride and third I do love some things about Christmas, but others like crazy people at malls and trying to find a parking spot, I do not.

  2. Ha! Thanks for reading and I won’t make you unsubscribe anyone who loves Elf is good on my books :) I’m riding the train tomorrow and I swear I’m like a kid so excited I can barely sleep! and I am with you on the crazy people and jam-packed malls and the parking don’t even get me started but that’s not christmas that’s just any other day at a walmart (I am not a walmart fan). Happy Holidays!

any thoughts? :)

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