I Yelped That: BopNGrill

Happy Tuesday, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with adventures and good-times. I wish I could say I had a fun-filled weekend but the truth is I spend most of it in bed. I did manage to gather enough strength to go out on Saturday, we were suppose to go to an engagement party but it was postponed and we were not notified, horrible event planner! This did not stop of us from having a little fun, while browsing my instagram feed I came across this picture:


and well I had no other choice than to show it to the hubster and ask him to take me there. So we went and it was delicious :) but I have to admit I am horrible when it comes to taking pictures of my food because I am always too hungry and eat all my food before I can take a decent picture of it. This time it was no different, but just so that you guys  have some visual I grabbed some pictures from the Bop N Grill site

Chicken- bopNgrill

This is what I had: chicken katsu – panko breaded w katsu sauce (japanese style bbq sauce)


This is not the Umami burger but I couldn’t find a picture of it, this is the next best thing for more picture of burgers go here

the hubster’s choice: umami – truffled mushroom duxelle, sun-dried tomato confit, togarashi mayo, bacon, smoked gouda


Kimchi fries: caramelized kimchi, cheese sauce, bacon, scallions, sesame seeds

we both shared an order of bacon cheese fries (not pictured) and a Philly CheeseSteak Eggroll!!! Yes you read that right, let me tell you it was pretty tasty :)

Here is my “official” yelp review:

Picture 1

Enjoy the rest of the week,


any thoughts? :)

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