I dislike everything about moving, the packing and then unpacking. I love rearranging and making sense of the new space, this is the only good thing that comes from moving. Our lease is over in April and we will not be renewing it (thank the Lord for this!), for one the neighborhood (West Rogers Park/West Ridge) is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E parking is a hot commodity and some of the neighborhoods are questionable. So I am sort of/kind of looking forward to moving, I am dreading the packing part but I am excited about getting out of that neighborhood and into a much friendlier one, Old Irving Park :)

New space means new decor, we are not going overboard this time around, we are keeping the walls white and just adding a pop of color with pillows, rugs and picture frames. I have always loved white walls so I am excited to not be married to a color, the only space we might paint is the bathroom and it’ll a neutral color, we are thinking light bluish-gray.

Here a few things I know we are getting from one of my favorite stores Ikea:

Area Rug

Ikea Rug


Option 1: Okay there’s not a lot of color in this rug but I have been in LOVE with it ever since I lay eyes on it



Option 2: I don’t know if I can convince the hubster to buy this but I’ll try, if not option 1 is definitely coming with us

Reading Area

HEKTAR Floor Lamp

HEKTAR Floor Lamp $69.99

Option 1

Barometer lamp

BAROMETER Floor Lamp $49.99

Option 2

For the reading area we are also buying a recliner, we seen one at Costco it might be the one :) and some frames for the hallways and bedroom. In our current apartment we have not been able to put up any frames because the walls are too thin and not strong enough and everything falls, it’s a nightmare. Chicago and their weirdly built apartments!

Wish us luck!




any thoughts? :)

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