Beyonce Bowl

Beyonce Bowl

Oh what can be said about Beyonce’s half time performance? If for some reason you didn’t see it do me a favor and click on the image above it’ll take you the pure awesomeness that is Beyonce’s performance. She brought her A game and shut all those who were criticizing her for lip-syncing at President Obama’s inauguration, she can sing and she definitely showed the world what she is capable of during the Pepsi half-time.

The game itself was a great game, after the power outage the momentum switched and the 49rs were able to recover but not enough to win the game. I didn’t go in with any favorites but I am happy with the outcome. Congratulations to Ray Lewis, he can retired happily now and for Colin Kaepernick (my TV boyfriend, I have my husband permission) next year is another year and you are only 25, you have an entire career ahead of you.

Happy Monday!



any thoughts? :)

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