Random Confessions

The world is random and so should you! Here are some random confessions:

  • Little things make me happy (i.e. sunshine, rain, clouds, flowers, you get the point)
  • I smile at strangers. Well not all strangers just friendly looking ones, there are some crazy looking people in the streets and for some reason nasty men think that a friendly smile means something more.
  • Sometimes when I’m at Starbucks wasting time catching up on emails and important things (checking my twitter, tumblr, Instagram, etc) I listen to people’s conversations, not all just the ones that grab my attention, I know that’s creepy but I get bored and the mind wanders.

Oreo ice cream cake

  • I don’t like sweets, I have to crave sweets to have them. I don’t like cake unless its chocolate cake or oreo ice cream cake, the only two my parents knew to get me on my birthdays.
Cuban Coffee

cafe Cubano

  • I can have several shots of Cuban coffee (essentially espresso) but I don’t like dark roast coffee which is as strong as Cuban coffee, I usually go for the blondes (this is Starbucks lingo people)
  •  I love to smile, which I guess kind of goes with the first point except that I smile when I’m alone or sometimes in a group setting for no good reason, I smile just to smile, I blame it on my enlarged cerebellum.
  • I have tried being a “vegan” so many times I lost count, I have not been able to fully convert because I am married to a carnivore, I have however adopted a plant-based diet which means I eat lots of fruits and veggies and less over processed goods and little to no meats. This is complicated.
  • I hate titles! Example, I am not eating animal products (with the exception of honey and cheese) but I’m not a “vegan”. I believe Jesus died for my sins and that following his commandments (loving my neighbors, helping the needy, etc) gives me a clear shot to heaven but I don’t like referring myself as a “Christian”. With titles come negative connotations and I just don’t want to be attached to them.

Okay if you read this, thank you and I love you for it, I’m smiling because you got this far (if you jumped to the end, shame on you!)

Love, Peace and lots of caffeine,


any thoughts? :)

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