Eating Clean-er, Training Dirtier

488f9794234e47d56990433114d88a3cI am not skinny. I have never been and I don’t ever want to be. I am currently in a quest to be fit, toned and simply healthy. I have started to eat clean-er by:

Cutting down on:

  • Alcohol (1 drink a day for women is actually good for you, I am sure they are referring to red wine) I don’t typically drink so this should be easy
  • Sugar (6 teaspoons for women, 9 teaspoons for men)
  • Salt
  • Saturated fats (use unsaturated fats from plants i.e. avocado, olive oil, etc)
  • Refined grains (white flour, white rice, etc)
  • Processed foods

Having more:

  • Fruits & veggies
  • Water
  • Green tea
  • Whole grains

This list was found on 10 Ways to Eat Clean

I am also taking advantage of all the classes offered at my gym (cardio kickboxing, boot camp, Nike training club, zumba, cycle and many more). Eating unhealthy foods and not working out is easy, eating healthy and getting your butt moving takes a lot of effort and determination. I’m trying my best to stay motivated but let me tell you IT’S HARD! But I like challenges and this one it’s a HUGE, not so much the eating clean but the training dirty. I am currently sore, every muscle in my body aches, this is a good thing I should want this and I will eventually but now I just want to be able to move without wincing every time.

Wish me luck people!

Stay Positive,


any thoughts? :)

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