Let’s Make It Green!

My husband is part Irish part Cherokee, yea I know crazy mix, he gets the best tan in the summer! but I digress as usual, as you may know St. Patrick’s day is around the corner which means several things are going to happen 1) college and some non-college kids are going to get crazy drunk and 2) the Chicago River will be turned Green!!!

credit: apsies.tumblr.com

credit: apsies.tumblr.com

I have lived in Chicago for most of my life and I have NEVER gone to see it, every year I say I am going to go and then the weather ruins the plans because it’s usually wet and cold, or just really really cold. BUT this year I am dragging my wonderful husband rain or shine to see the river turn green. According to GreenChicagoRiver.com  this a modern-day miracle and “… This spectacular transformation ranks right up there with the parting of the sea by Moses and the Pyramids of Egypt.” I don’t know if I’ll go as far as saying that but it is pretty cool!

This year the river goes green on March 16th @ 10am and according to some experts the best spot is between Columbus & Wabash and the weather.com is saying Saturday should look something like this:

Picture 1

I’m hoping 38 turns into 48 and mostly cloudy turns into sunny, I know I am a bit demanding :) but a girl can hope!




any thoughts? :)

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