Renters Problems

We recently moved which means ONE thing my inner interior designer has awaken and is ready to be put to use (I took one interior design class in high school which I doubt qualifies me as an interior designer but for the sake of this post I’ll pretend I went to design school). The apartment we moved into has potential, as most things in life if you invest time or money or in our case both.

There are several things that are driving me off the walls 1) the bathroom is horrid! I want to cry every time I walk into it, it’s just a sad excuse for a bathroom, a little harsh I know but the truth hurts! The sink is old as is everything else in the room, the only thing I can live with is the floor tile everything else needs some loving¬†something the hubster doesn’t like to hear because it usually means spending money and investing a Saturday or two

Our bathroom has a similar structure to the one in the picture but to make it look like this several things need to be done, 1) tiles needed to be painted white, currently they are an oatmeal color (yuck!) 2) the bathtub is getting some white epoxy so the tub can look brand new and we can get rid of some water stains 3) the walls are getting a coat or two of dark paint, we haven’t decided what color yet but we are thinking navy blue like the one in the picture or a dark bluish gray. I refuse to show you pictures of our current bathroom simply because its hideous but I’ll definitely do a before and after post once everything is done (this might be a while).

The other thing that is wrong with the apartment is that everything is just weird for example, if you want to turn the kitchen light on you have to flick it down rather than up, every cabinet door opens in a different direction some right some left and I am just about ready to lose it! I plan to fix this by adding some door knobs
Matte Black Knobs

Matte Black Knobs found on Ebay

Continuing with the kitchen the faux tiles are hideous! Why on earth would anyone put ugly plastic tiles any where, there’s just no excuse good enough for using those ugly things. So I am going to buy a rug large enough to cover the entire floor, I’m thinking this one might do the trick:
Kabuki Cotton Printed Dhurrie

Kabuki Cotton Printed Dhurrie 5 x 8 $99 @ West Elm

You might be wondering what on earth made us move into this place, for one the overall layout of the apartment is nice and the neighborhood is beautiful and parking is always readily available which if you live in the city you know this is GOLD! So aside from the horrendous bathroom, ugly kitchen tile and weird cabinets the apartment is not that bad. It just means we are going to have to set aside several weekends to make the place feel like home without breaking the piggy bank, after all we are only renting this place.

Wish us luck,


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