I crave sore muscles.

My fellow Chicagoan woman, I am going to share one of my well kept secrets, because I want you to also crave sore muscles, a sore body is a sexy body!

Here’s the secret: I am currently taking classes at the Nike Training Club store located in Lincoln Park, I get up to 4 classes a week for FREE! I’m taking a combination of Yoga, NTC, Cardio Kickboxing, Barre, Ballerina Bum Bootcamp all for F-R-E-E.

To sign up go here, visit NTC Lincoln Park Twitter’s account, the link is on their profile.

Here is what the studio looks like:


The front


The back


Locker area

I am in love with the studio, the store is located in the first floor and every day I go in for class I am tempted to buy a new pair of shoes or pants or shirts or bras or headbands or anything really. Before NTC I owed one pair of gym shoes that I’ve had since 8th grade and I’ve wore them only a handful of times, now I love my polka dot nike frees :)


Here is what’s on my wish-list:




Yes I am obsessed with Polka dots, I love them and they make me happy and when I am dripping sweat I need something pretty to look at, anything to keep me motivated!

Stay Active,



One comment

  1. This sounds really cool!!! How many free classes can you take? ( before they start to charge you?) I have to say this sounds like something I would do and the place looks great!

any thoughts? :)

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