Down Time

I love food.

I wish I could say I love all types of food but I would be lying. I have never had Ethiopian nor am I interested in trying it, I had homemade Indian once 8 years ago but never since. I’m learning to tolerate spicy foods, prior to being married I couldn’t resist black pepper in my food, now I cannot eat without it (I know black pepper is not really spicy but for me it was).

I am currently seeking a new job opportunity (a nicer way to say I’m currently unemployed and seeking) which means I have a lot of time on my hands. You would think I would be sleeping in and just taking it easy but that’s not how my body/brain works, I’m up nearly everyday at 5 am, with the exceptions of weekends thankfully my brain knows the difference between weekdays and weekends and it lets me sleep in till 8 or if really lucky 9 on the weekends.

So with all this free time I find myself doing 3 things, 1) working out sometimes 3 hrs a day, I feel like I live at the gym 2) applying for jobs which means tons of trips to starbucks to use their free wifi (thank the Lord for this!) and 3) pinning food recipes like it’s my job (well currently it is, except that I’m not getting paid, I guess we can call it an internship).

While pinning I have come across some really awesome food blogs, thank heavens for blogs but most importantly thank heavens for food blogs! Here are three:
I stumbled upon this one today and I’m loving what I see, I’m definitely making this Russian Horchata!
Skinny Taste is my absolute favorite place for health conscious recipes, this place also has lots of crock pot recipes :)

And finally the wonderful site where I found the recipe for my favorite type of Grilled Cheese ever, the Cuban Grilled Cheese!!!

Stay Hungry,


any thoughts? :)

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