I have not updated this thing in F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Since my last post a lot of exciting things have happened, here’s a recap:

  • We finally got internet & cable in our new space, thank goodness I was going crazy without internet!!! Having internet means we can finally catch up on all of our shows and I can post more frequently.
  • We got a working computer!!! My laptop was 8 years old and when it comes to computers that’s ancient and it was not very slow which is another reason I was not posting as often, it can get a little annoying trying to post from my iPad, adjusting the pictures on the iPad is annoying.
iBook G4

From: iBook G4, I bought this in 2005

MacBook Pro Retina Display

TO: MacBook Pro Retina Display bought this week :)

  • We finally got rid of all the boxes that were lingering around the apartment, now I just need to paint the bathroom and put up some curtains in the bedroom and living room.
  • I GOT A JOB!!! I am super excited to start.

That’s life in a nutshell,



any thoughts? :)

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