Plastic Yarn Mats For The Homeless

Earlier this month the hubster and I did some volunteer work with the DePaul Alumni Association. The description said we were going to make mats for the homeless out of recycled plastic bags, we didn’t know what that meant until we got there.

We were told we were going to make plastic yarn out of recycled plastic bags, we had no idea that this existed! Making plastic yarn is pretty simple, here’s a lovely although blurry step-by-step instructions on how to make it click on the image for a cleared view

Plastic Yarn DIY

image credit:

The husband and I had a great time making plastic yarn, I have never crochet anything in my life but I’ll probably give this plastic yarn mat making a try, it’s all for a great cause. The mats are donated to homeless people living in the streets of Chicago.

Here are some pictures from the event:

plastic yarn mat

plastic yarn mats

photo 3

If you know how to crochet with yarn then you can crochet with plastic yarn and you can make anything, here are some of the things you can make:

Plastic Yarn Bag

Plastic Yarn Basket

For more ideas click here. Oh the creative minds of people never cease to amaze me!

Remember to recycle,



any thoughts? :)

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