Sweating Rainbows #VSXColorRunner

Over the weekend we participated in The Color Runthe happiest 5k on earth. We had so much fun, we are thinking of doing it again next year.

The Color Run Start^This was before the race started, we look so clean and our shirts were so white, this didn’t last long^


Approximately 16,000 were registered for the race.


One of the many color stations.

ColorRun-OrangeNext year, we need to wear bandanas to keep the powder from entering our mouths. It’s a tasteless powder but too much of it makes it difficult to breathe and see.


It was definitely the happiest 5k ever. There were no set rules,  you could’ve walked or run. How fast you finished was not the focus, it was about having a good time and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. Towards the end of the race we were definitely sweating rainbows.

Until the next color run


any thoughts? :)

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