Fairy Tales of Growing Up

john lennon on growing up

I remember when I was younger, a lot younger, I use to dream of the day I would become an adult and of all the wonderful things I would get to do like drive, come home as late as I wanted, buy all the things I liked and not necessarily needed.

Fast forward 20 years later and I am dreaming of the days when I was a child, when I had no big decisions to make, problems to worry about because that was my parent’s job, they were the adults and I was the child. Now, well I am the adult and I have real things to worry about, real important decisions to make and I just wished I had not grown up so quickly.

I love being an independent adult. I love having a car and going wherever I want to go. There are some perks that come with being an adult but sometimes, just sometimes I wish I was still a child and I didn’t have to think about big grown up problems. There’s really no big point to this post other than reminiscing of when I was younger and life was much simpler.



any thoughts? :)

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