5 Miles

To anyone who is use to running, 5 miles means nothing. For me, it marks the longest distance I’ve EVER ran.

As I mentioned before I joined a Marathon training crew (see post here). This week marks our third week and I’ve learned so much about my own body. I have learned to listen to it, to know when it hurts, when its sore, when its hungry, when its tired but most importantly how far I can push it. Saturdays are our long runs and this saturday we will run 6 miles. It is so exciting to know that every Saturday I will be running the farthest I have ever ran.

The first week was not the greatest, I didn’t have the proper socks or shoes, I got blisters on my left toes and a huge blister on the arch of my right foot (ouch!). Now let’s start by saying I HATE socks and I was never a girl to wear gym shoes and since I have never actually been a runner, I didn’t know the importance of a good pair of running shoes. Now I am learning to appreciate socks, I still hate them and I don’t wear them unless I’m training or running but at least now I know they are important.

Running motivation

Second week was a little better although I had a cold, sinus headaches and my blisters were still healing, it was a pain in the butt to run but I did it any way. It is why the image above makes so much sense. No pain, no gain. Overall, I love to run, the feeling I get after I’ve completed my run, the way my body and mind feels. It’s addicting.

Run Free,


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