NOT My Phone!

My phone has died.

A week ago while doing laundry my iPhone fell into the washer. I honestly think it sensed it was going to be replace so it decided to punish me.  I didn’t realize it until the cycle was already going, once I realize what had happened I took stopped the cycle searching frantically for my phone and then took the sim card out and placed the phone into a bag of uncooked rice, people swear by this method but let me tell you, it DIDN’T WORK FOR ME! My phone is dead and I am okay with that since the new iPhone comes out in 8 days.

It is so pathetic how dependent I have become of my phone, I check my email, my bank account, I pay my bills, I look up directions, I tweet, instagram, read the news, I do everything with my darn phone so life has been a little weird not having a phone. I have not been completely unplugged because I can still message other iPhone users using my iPad or laptop so that has helped me maintain my sanity (or whatever is left of it) and I can also make calls using my google account so the only time I feel disconnected is when I’m not home.

The count down has started…. 8 DAYS UNTIL THE NEW iPhone


any thoughts? :)

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