Banana Cake with Coconut

Banana Cake with Coconut

photo credit: Sugary Buttery

This happened today! I came across this recipe last night on Pinterest (click on image above for the recipe) and I woke up this morning and made it. It is simple to make and the results were incredible, I made only a few changes to recipe I used all purpose flour, vegetable oil (ew! I am not a fan of vegetable oil but it was either that or olive oil and since it was only 1/4 cup I decided it would be okay). We didn’t have unsweetened apple sauce so we used regular apple sauce and because we are huge fans of coconuts at my house I added just a little more than 1/2 cup.

The results INCREDIBLE!

I am not a huge frosting/icing fan so we skipped it. The cake was sweet enough and the creamy honey frosting was not missed. Unfortunately like most of the things I cook, I didn’t take any pictures. I’m working on this guys. The lighting in our place is not the best so once we move and the kitchen has better lighting, I will try my best to take pictures before we devour whatever I cooked.

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any thoughts? :)

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