The Oscars: Gold Party

After countless hours looking for inspiration for the perfect Oscars party I have gathered the following ideas. This is the first post of 2, we all know that the color of The Oscars is gold and this post will provide some inspiration if you want to stick to the gold theme but if not, no worries I will also posts ideas for a black + white Oscars party.

But for now here are some ideas for your Gold themed Oscars party:

T H E  I N V I T A T I O N

Oscars Gold Invitations

1- Lights, Camera, Party!  2- Award Season  3- Who Are You Wearing*

These can all be found at paperless posts, the first 2 designs are free

T H E  D E C O R A T I O N


photo credits and ideas: The Glitter Guide


Oscars Party- Activities

1- Awards for guests 2- Oscar Ballot 3- Oscar Bingo

To make it a little fun you have your guest vote for: best dressed {male/female} – best shoes {male/female}- most luscious locks or create your own categories, at the end of the night you can present the winners with a small trophy.

Stay tuned for the Black + White Oscars party ideas.

any thoughts? :)

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