Sweating Rainbows #VSXColorRunner

Over the weekend we participated in The Color Runthe happiest 5k on earth. We had so much fun, we are thinking of doing it again next year.

The Color Run Start^This was before the race started, we look so clean and our shirts were so white, this didn’t last long^


Approximately 16,000 were registered for the race.


One of the many color stations.

ColorRun-OrangeNext year, we need to wear bandanas to keep the powder from entering our mouths. It’s a tasteless powder but too much of it makes it difficult to breathe and see.


It was definitely the happiest 5k ever. There were no set rules,  you could’ve walked or run. How fast you finished was not the focus, it was about having a good time and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. Towards the end of the race we were definitely sweating rainbows.

Until the next color run

Classical Music

classical music at millennium park chicago

Summers in the city are my favorite. Chicago is the best in the summer, there’s always so much to do from the multiple BBQ fest around town to Fireworks at Navy Pier to Classical Music at Millennium Park, Chicago knows how to entertain! I cannot wait to head over to Millennium park with some Chinese and some wine and listen to some classical music and watch some fireworks.

For a completely schedule of the summer concerts visit Grant Park Music Festival.


Cubs vs Mets

I love baseball.

Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs vs Mets May 18th 2013

One of my favorite places in Chicago is Wrigley Field. There’s no other ballpark like Wrigley, yes my opinion is biased I’m a Cubs fan and the only other ball park I have been to is the Sox’s and let’s just say I was not impressed.

This year the husband and I were able to attend the Cubs vs Mets game at the Skybox on Sheffield, we got the tickets for $65 (a steal!) through the DePaul Alumni Association (I love my alma mater), this tickets usually go for $145! The $65 included food (all you can eat) and drinks (all you can drink). The views on this particular rooftop are amazing!

Skybox on Sheffield Rooftop View

This was taken from the third floor bleachers before the game started, we were definitely pleased with the view :)

Mets fans at Wrigley Field view from Skybox on Sheffield

A group of Met fans took over a small section of the bleachers, look at them all wearing their bright orange shirts, too bad Met’s lost to the Cubs 8-2 :D

Now let’s talk about the food, the views were spectacular but the food was delicious, I’m salivating just thinking about it. We pretty much had everything on the menu (okay I lied their menu is pretty big click here to see it). I had a grilled cheese burger with Goose Island’s Famour pub chips, one Bratwurst topped with Sauerkraut, beer onions, beer mustard and a hot dog picture below, this was the only thing I remembered to take a picture of before I devoured it. Don’t worry we walked a total of 6 miles to-and-fro the ballpark to be able to eat all the wonderful delicious food we ate.

Skybox on Sheffield Gilbert's Craft Sausages Beef Hot Dog Chicago style

Trust me when I say it was as delicious as it looks!

I am definitely glad we were able to attend the DePaul Chicago Cubs Rooftop Outing, last year they had it on the day of our wedding and well we just couldn’t miss our wedding for the rooftops, although the hubster and I were ready to skip the ceremony and head over to the game, crazy sports fans! 



I crave sore muscles.

My fellow Chicagoan woman, I am going to share one of my well kept secrets, because I want you to also crave sore muscles, a sore body is a sexy body!

Here’s the secret: I am currently taking classes at the Nike Training Club store located in Lincoln Park, I get up to 4 classes a week for FREE! I’m taking a combination of Yoga, NTC, Cardio Kickboxing, Barre, Ballerina Bum Bootcamp all for F-R-E-E.

To sign up go here, visit NTC Lincoln Park Twitter’s account, the link is on their profile.

Here is what the studio looks like:


The front


The back


Locker area

I am in love with the studio, the store is located in the first floor and every day I go in for class I am tempted to buy a new pair of shoes or pants or shirts or bras or headbands or anything really. Before NTC I owed one pair of gym shoes that I’ve had since 8th grade and I’ve wore them only a handful of times, now I love my polka dot nike frees :)


Here is what’s on my wish-list:




Yes I am obsessed with Polka dots, I love them and they make me happy and when I am dripping sweat I need something pretty to look at, anything to keep me motivated!

Stay Active,




I totally forgot the husband and I went to a Blackhawks game March 6th,
before they ruined their streak, only I would forget something as incredible as a Hawks game. It was my first Hawks game ever and fell in love with the game. Hockey is so intense!!!

I don’t know much about hockey so I’m not going to say much more than, it was an awesome game and we will definitely be doing it again.

They have a game tonight, let’s add another W to this picture boys!


Go Blackhawks!!!