Pi Day

pi, pi day


Happy Pi Day!!!

We celebrated Pi Day at work by eating pie at 1:59 pm (3.14159) I love working with a bunch of nerds!


Fall are you here yet?

FallSummer has always been my favorite season, I love the longer days and the fact that you can spend the entire day outdoors doing whatever you heart desires. Laying out on a blanket in the park with a book is not weird, its encouraged. I love random trips to Forever Yogurt (one of the best frozen yogurt places in Chicago!), I love late nights spent catching up on our favorite shows, going out on random date nights with friends

I really do love summer but this year I am falling in love with Autumn. The only reason Autumn will never be my #1 favorite season is because I despise winter, I don’t like snow and below zero temperatures are a joke! But this year I am anxious for fall (even though I know winter comes right after it). I been dreaming of cooler temperatures, warm drinks and lots layers since the second week of July. I only wish Autumn took over for winter, I really wouldn’t mind not having winter this year.

Autumn would you hurry!


OMG! I am writing this as I am watching this happening, wholy molly this is nuts!!! I am more nervous than Nik Wallenda is, he has made it to the half way point and I am ready to pee my pants. This guy is such an inspiration, I definitely never plan to do what he is doing but just seeing him follow his heart and his dreams with such a positive attitude is awesome!


Nik Wallenda, you are amazing! You got this!!!!