Tree Hugger + Bike Rider=Mr & Mrs <3


We met September of 2008, we started talking first just as friends. There was no attraction on both parts, he was just an interesting guy and I loved talking to him and I was an interesting (nerdy) girl and for some reason he also liked talking to me. The first few days weeks we talked for hours (2-3) every night, I got so use to hearing his voice and laughing with him. April 20th of 2009 I knew this was “it”, he was the guy I have been waiting for, he was finally here, I panicked. In only 7 months I had fallen in love, I couldn’t deny it any more, hearing his voice made me happy, seeing him gave me butterflies. I was in love and at first I was reluctant to admit it, I didn’t have time for a relationship, I had school, a job and a research team to worry about. But love has a way of changing your mind & everything else.

He is my better half, he is the love of my life. I love being with him. He is the opposite of me, he is everything I need. Sometimes I take life too seriously, I take myself too seriously and he reminds me to just have fun.


Picture from our engagement session

MR. & MRS.

On December 25 2010 @midnight he popped the QUESTION!!!! We tied the knot April 21 2012 on a wonderful sunny but cold day in Chicago, IL. It was truly an unforgettable day.

Our engagement and wedding pictures were taken by our talented friend Lynda Bonfante from:


any thoughts? :)

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