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Can I hear an amen?

Probably not, simply because this is one of the hardest thing to do for most of us. This has definitely been a challenge for me and it’s something I am focusing on becoming better at in 2014. The challenge this week is to question every purchase  you make and before walking to a store make a list of the things you need and tell yourself you will not deviate from that list. One final tip, give yourself a budget. Whether you are going into Target or Nordstrom walk in knowing that you only have X amount of money to spend.

Learn to choose well. In the long run it’s always worth paying a little more for a high quality item than to pay less for something you are going to have to keep replacing.


Doggie Essentials

We recently became parents to two wonderful puppies, Gandalf and Dumbledore. They are only 1 month old and are currently being weaned and we cannot wait to have them! They are the cutest Chihuahuas and we couldn’t be more in love with the 2 little munchkins.

And like all new parents we have started prepping :) I have created a pinterest board (found here) which includes training tips, homemade treat recipes and other puppy essentials. Here are some of the things I am currently lusting after :)

Doggie Essentials

1.  Natural Rope Dog Leash $62

2. Found My Animal Carrier $270

3. Natural Dog Collar $56

4. Buffalo Plaid Rope Dog Leash $62

5. Buffalo Plaid Dog Collar $48

6. Found Best Friend Charm $18

All items can be found on Found My Animal


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And not just today but everyday.

As women sometimes ugly thoughts come into our heads and we tend to believe them. But do yourself a favor, when those thoughts come, stop what you are doing and begin to think about the things you like about yourself. Maybe you like your hair or the shape of your nails, don’t always focus on the big things. Little things matter too.

So today and everyday I hope you feel beautiful.


DreamsDreams are great but they are not really useful if all they ever are are dreams.

Dreams are awesome when they turn into plans and plans turn into reality. This week I encourage you to stop saying “can’t” and instead say “I will” and turn all those dreams you have been storing in the back of your mind into plans. Life is too short to not see them come true.

The Oscars: Black + White Party

Yesterday I showed you ideas for a Gold themed Oscars party, today I will show you ideas for a Black + White party.

T H E  I N V I T A T I O N S

The Oscars- Black & White Invitations

1- Black Tie Affair 2-Movie Clapper 3- Cambon

These can all be found at paperless posts


The Oscars- Black & White Decorations1 & 3- for more black and white inspiration go to Twig & Thistle  2- Red Carpet Tuxedo Pops

Click here for a free download of the Oscar statuettes


The Oscars Black + White- Desserts

1- Oreo Cookie Parfait 2-Dessert Table 3- Grown up milk and cookies

 L I T T L E  D E T A I L S

The Oscars-Black & White

1- Black + White Straws 2- Bow tie 3- Oscar Popcorn boxes (free download)

I couldn’t possibly decide between a gold party or black + white party so I’ll do both. Black + White with gold accents! I hope this gets your planning juices going. Remember the Oscars are on March 2nd 7e|4p on ABC