Independence Day

Happy Birthday America!


Happy Birthday America

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We are more than our corrupt politics. We are more than our financial problems. We are more than what the media makes us out to be. We are a nation that loves and cherish freedom, one that goes to the end of the earth to protect it. We are hard working people (sometimes workaholics), we are driven and determined. We are the ones you love to love and sometimes love to hate. You might not agree with some (or all) of the things we do or say, we are not perfect and we are okay with that. We are Americans, citizens of the land of the free and home of the brave.


United States of America, you have my heart


Why yes I am proud to be an AMERICAN!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful United States of America!!!!

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As we have established I was not born in this magnificent country (read here) but I have been an American citizen longer than I was any other type of citizen which is why I love celebrating Independence Day!!! This  has to be one of my favorite holidays truth be told I like them all this one is extra special, there’s so much to do and the weather is usually perfect to do it. This year Chicago decided to pretend it’s HELL, we are expecting 100+ degree weather, YEY if you want to be a prune by the end of the day. I am not looking forward to the heat, as much as I love summer I cannot stand humidity.

On a brighter note here are some of the reasons why I love celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY!

  • I get to celebrate the freedom I have to do anything and be anything I want :D
  • It’s in the summer
  • Fireworks!!! <— this one is HUGE :D
  • Food
  • I get to spend time with friends and family
  • there’s a parade (I know there’s a thanksgiving parade and a Christmas parade but I have only been to the independence day parade)
  • Ice-cream

ADVICE to my fellow Chicagoans, DRINK lots of water, keep hydrated and out of the sun during peak hours which according to the FDA is between 10 am- 4pm, that sounds like the whole day to me I usually stay out of the sun between 12-2pm if I did 10am-4pm I would never do anything. It’s going to be between 105-115!!!

Stay Cool :D