Puppy Love

We have 2 puppies at home and let me tell you, IT IS A LOT OF WORK!!!

It has been an experience raising our boys from day 1. They were literally born in our house. My husband’s mother’s dog was pregnant and she was in town when the pup gave birth to 5 little ones, 3 survived and 2 died :( this was extremely hard for us. It is interesting how attach one can get to little creatures.

But our boys are healthy and very active. They are curious and very loud.

Dumbledore and Gandalf

These are the loves of my life.

This is probably the only picture I have of them this still while they are awake; I have plenty of them sleeping. Puppies are no joke, they take a lot of love and extra extra extra patience.

So far they have taught us that sleep is overrated; there’s no such thing as personal space or downtime and that trying to get any work done around them is simply not going to happen; cleaning is no longer a weekend chore but a daily one and having nice furniture is a thing of the past.

We love them and wouldn’t change them for the world!